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Eddie Roux, South Africa

Eddie tells us that he has the only 928 racing in South Africa - and we are proud to have him wear our tags!

In 2005, Eddie won his class and came 2nd overall in our local Porsche Challenge Unlimited Series against Porsche 993 GT2R's, GT3 Cups, 911R's and 911RSR's.

Eddie writes: “I bought the car in 2004 and in 2005 I came 2 nd overall in the Porsche Challenge series. Last year was spent rebuilding the engine & the car. We have only had 1 race this year which was the 1 st after the complete rebuild and I was hoping for maybe 4 th in class position, but was fortunate to achieve 2 nd in class.

The engine is standard 4664cc with gas flowed heads and MSDS headers. The K Jetronic system was ditched and my own design “bowl” similar to the K Jetronic but without the fuel distributor was machined in aluminum and the electronic fuel injectors and rails from the 1984 928S was fitted with a locally supplied engine management system. The distributor was changed to a hall sensor system. A twin core large radiator and separate oil cooler was fitted. The Bilstein adjustable shocks were retained but springs were changed to Eibach sports springs and adjustable sway bars were installed. The car currently weighs 1270kg ready to race with ± 30 liters of fuel.


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