Service Covers For The Porsche® 928 and 944

Save Your Paint Job! These service covers will pay for themselves many times over with each paint chip and dent they prevent while working on your Porsche®. We use them in our shop ourselves, and are so impressed with them - we became a dealer for them to offer them to you. Now these hard-to-find service covers are within reach of anyone who is proud of their Porsche® and wants to keep it that way.

Quality Materials! Made from the famous Colgan bra material - heavy duty virgin vinyl on the top side and a soft fleece on the paint-side - with sewn-in impact pads on top of the fenders so even if you drop a spark plug wrench you are unlikely to dent your fender.

Complete Kit: Three pieces included - clamps and hooks are sewn in so there is no misplacing them! Covers both front fenders and the bumper/valence too.

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Service Covers For The Porsche® 928 ACC-MSC-928 $157.25 $28.00 Ships in 8 weeks or less

Service Covers For The Porsche® 944 ACC-MSC-944 $157.25 $28.00 Ships in 8 weeks or less

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