Rebuilt Torque Tube for the 928

Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928, Manual and Automatics

Description: A professionally-rebuilt torque tube for your 928.

Does your torque tube rumble through the car, or shutter at certain speeds? You may need it rebuilt, the bearings around the driveshaft do not last forever.

Replace it with one of our professionally rebuilt units and avoid the hassles of trying to find the right bearings or rebuilding it yourself.

Just send us your used torque tube when you are done to have your core charge refunded. Warranted for 1 year.

Price: $685 plus refundable $300 core charge

Item Year Part Number Price(USD)++ Shipping* Availability
Rebuilt Torque Tube for the 928 Automatic $685.00 $88.00 Typically Ships in 1 Week or Less
Rebuilt Torque Tube, Manual $88.00 Typically Ships in 1 Week or Less
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++ A $300 refundable core charge will be added at checkout