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Limited-Slip Differential (LSD) Upgrade for Porsche® 928

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Application: Porsche® 928, as follows:

  • 1985-90 5-speeds and Automatics w/o LSD that want to add an 8-disk LSD
  • 1985-90 5-speeds and Automatics with 4-disk LSD that want 8-Disk LSD
  • 1990-95 PSD-equipped cars that want to change to 8-disk LSD

Background: The early Porsche® 928 Limited Slip Differential (LSD) had 8 friction disks (4 per wheel). This LSD was advertised to have a 40% lock-up ratio, and performance-minded enthusiasts and racers have shown that this LSD is the strongest, most trouble-free, and can handle the greatest amount of torque. This large 8-disk LSD is probably a hold-over from the original design of the 928 as a 5 liter 400 HP muscle car before it was de-tuned before its release in 1977.

In 1985, the 5-speed "G28-10" transmission was introduced, with improved synchros by Borg Warner that made shifting smoother. However, the LSD was re-designed to half of its original strength, and the new transaxle had only about a 20% lock-up and 4 disks (2 per wheel),

The stronger 8-disk LSD is ideal for drivers who demand the most performance from their 928, those who have installed wider rear tires, supercharged cars, and racers. The customary inside-tire wheel-spin under acceleration out of a tight corner will be reduced or eliminated, and the 928 will launch out of the corner with a much higher speed as a result.

Additionally, the 8-disk friction plates can be restacked to double the lock-up if desired, raising the LSD from a 40% lock-up to 80%.

Description: Our LSD adapters make it possible to install the stronger 8-disk LSD into the 1985-and-up transaxle (manual or automatic), and we designed it so this can be done without removing the transaxle from the car.


  • Custom 928MS case spacer
  • Custom 928MS bearing spacer
  • Custom 928MS bearing hub (used, remanufactured)
  • New Porsche® bearing seal
  • Fully Illustrated Instructions

Note that an 8-disk LSD is not included. You can locate your own, or we can locate a good used unit for you (subject to price and availability)

Warranty: You gotta like it or your money back! If, after you receive this item (but before you use it) you aren't satisfied with it in any way, simply return it for a complete refund.

Shipping: $24.00 in S&H for the 48 contiguous states and will be shipped UPS insured. Additional shipping fees apply for Canadian delivery.






Limited-Slip Differential (LSD) Upgrade for Porsche® 928


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